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Tuesday, July 28th

Tuesday, July 28th, 9:00 am to 12:00 pm · Cottonwood D/Snowbird Center
Session 40: Contributed Papers: Population Genetics
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40001July 28th 9:00 amCottonwood D/Snowbird CenterHabitat specialization in California Floristic Province Grindelia
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Oral PaperMoore, Abigail; Moore, William L.; Baldwin, Bruce G..Grindelia
California Floristic Province
40002July 28th 9:15 amCottonwood D/Snowbird CenterPollinator-mediated gene flow fosters genetic variability in a narrow alpine endemic, Abronia alpina (Nyctaginaceae)
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Oral PaperJabis, Meredith, D; Ayers, Tina; Allan, Gery.rare plant
pollination biology
Genetic diversity
population structure
40003July 28th 9:30 amCottonwood D/Snowbird CenterEvolution of the starch biosynthesis pathway in rice (Oryza sativa L., Poaceae)
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Oral PaperYu, Guoqin; Olsen, Kenneth ; Schaal, Barbara A..evolution of starch pathway
40004July 28th 10:15 amCottonwood D/Snowbird CenterNeutral genetic variation in Ustilago bullata populations from Bromus tectorum using amplified fragment length polymorphism markers
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Oral PaperFoote, Kedra D.; Meyer, Susan E.; Clement, Suzette; Stevens, Mikel R..Ustilago bullata
Genetic variation
40005July 28th 10:30 amCottonwood D/Snowbird CenterUsing model selection to infer population structure across a riverine barrier in the carnivorous pitcher plant Sarracenia alata (Sarraceniaceae)
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Oral PaperKoopman, Margaret M.; Carstens, Bryan.Sarracenia
population structure
model selection
40006July 28th 10:45 amCottonwood D/Snowbird CenterMicrosatellite flanking regions as a source of information for population level studies: the case of Polygala lewtonii
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Oral PaperGermain-Aubrey, Charlotte; Nelson, Cory; Soltis, Pamela S..microsatellite
Florida scrub
population genetics
Compound marker
Polygala lewtonii
40007July 28th 11:00 amCottonwood D/Snowbird CenterA range-wide population genetic study of Guaiacum coulteri (Zygophyllaceae), a threatened tree endemic to the Pacific coast of Mexico
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Oral PaperMcCauley, Ross A.; Cortés-Palomec, Aurea C.; Oyama, Ken.Guaiacum
population genetics
40008July 28th 11:15 amCottonwood D/Snowbird CenterThe anthropogenic movement of the invasive pine pathogen, Dothistroma septosporum, is reflected in its genetic diversity
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Oral PaperBarnes, Irene; Kirisits, Thomas; Wingfield, Michael J.; Wingfield, Brenda D.Mycosphaerella pini
population genetics
mating type genes
40009July 28th 11:30 amCottonwood D/Snowbird CenterContrasting correlations between species and genetic diversity in pollution-sensitive and pollution-tolerant species of lichen across an urban to rural gradient
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Oral PaperCompton, Rebecca; Pringle, Anne.lichen
species diversity
Genetic diversity
ecological genetics
40010July 28th 11:45 amCottonwood D/Snowbird CenterGenetic variation of the plant pathogen Sclerotinia sclerotiorum on four crop host species in the north central United States
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Oral PaperAldrich-Wolfe, Laura; Nelson, Berlin D.Sclerotinia sclerotiorum
Genetic diversity
multiple hosts
geographic variation
gene flow
dry bean
mycelial compatibility group