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For Environmental Climate Change : The role of marine and aquatic photosynthetic organisms in the global carbon cycle

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biogenic carbon sediment (1 Abstract)
biological carbon pump (1 Abstract)
bioremediation (1 Abstract)
carbon concentrating mechanism (1 Abstract)
carbon cycle (1 Abstract)
Carbon dioxide (2 Abstracts)
carbon sequestration (1 Abstract)
dissolved bicarbonate (1 Abstract)
global biogeochemical cycles (1 Abstract)
global carbon cycle (1 Abstract)
increased carbon dioxide (1 Abstract)
inorganic carbon aquisition (1 Abstract)
iron (1 Abstract)
marine macroalgae (1 Abstract)
microalgae (1 Abstract)
microplankton (1 Abstract)
Nitrogen (1 Abstract)
ocean acidification (1 Abstract)
oceanic carbonate (1 Abstract)
oceanic carbon cycling (2 Abstracts)
oceanic carbon sequestration (1 Abstract)
phosphorus (1 Abstract)
plankton (1 Abstract)
seagrasses (1 Abstract)
seagrass restoration (1 Abstract)
solubility pump (1 Abstract)
synergistic effect UV and CO2 (1 Abstract)
Thalassiosira pseudonana (1 Abstract)
ultraviolet light (1 Abstract)
Ultraviolet radiation (1 Abstract)

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