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For The Challenges Posed by Large Data Sets in Assembling the Plant and Fungal Trees of Life

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angiosperm (1 Abstract)
Angiosperm Tree of Life (1 Abstract)
Campanulidae (1 Abstract)
character mapping (1 Abstract)
Ephedra (1 Abstract)
eudicots (1 Abstract)
evolutionary rates (1 Abstract)
Fungi (2 Abstracts)
Inverted repeat (1 Abstract)
large data sets (1 Abstract)
liverworts (1 Abstract)
Molecular clock (1 Abstract)
morphology (1 Abstract)
phylogenetic tree (1 Abstract)
phylogenomics (1 Abstract)
phylogeny (1 Abstract)
Pinus (1 Abstract)
plastid genome (1 Abstract)
plastid phylogenomics (1 Abstract)
plastome (1 Abstract)
Saxifragales (1 Abstract)
Tree of Life (2 Abstracts)

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