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Bryological and Lichenological Section/ABLS

Martin, Annie [1].

Go Green With Moss -- Techniques for Successful Moss Gardening.

Methodology for successfully utilizing mosses in sustainable landscapes will be reported outlining techniques for creatively incorporating bryophytes as innovative focal features providing year-round green. Based upon findings of a decade of practical moss gardening, this presentation will provide a horticultural perspective on moss. Specific procedures for integrating mosses in native restoration projects with other indigenous plants such as ferns and lichens will be presented. Observations and successful moss gardening procedures have been conducted in the ideal climate of Transylvania County, North Carolina. Known as the land of waterfalls, this mountain county has over 250 waterfalls with annual average rainfall ranging between 65 to over 95 inches, more than any other place east of the Rockies. The elevations range from 1265 feet to 6045 feet above sea level from the lush valleys of the French Broad River headwaters basin to the highest peaks of the Blue Ridge, Southern Appalachian and Great Smoky mountain ranges. Bryophytes (e.g., Leucobryum, Ceratodon, Entodon, Ctenidium, Thuidium, Climacium, Atricum, Polytrichum, Bryum, Dicranum, Ditrichum, etc.) rescued from high impact areas of this region have been utilized in the 1600 sq. ft. demonstration garden which emphasizes both shade and sun mosses as creative focal features, moss instead of mulch, and moss as an alternative to grass lawns. Selection of appropriate bryophyte types; sources for mosses and related land stewardship concerns; assessment of microclimates throughout all seasons; methods for soil analysis and preparation; conceptual design; planting and installation process; water conservation and rainwater harvesting; and moss garden maintenance are topics which will be covered in this PowerPoint program on how we all can “Go Green With Moss.”

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1 - Blue Ridge Community College/Mountain Moss Enterprises, Horticulture Dept., 40 Holly Ridge Road, Pisgah Forest, North Carolina, 28768, USA

sustainable landscape
rainwater harvesting
land stewardship
Innovative designs.

Presentation Type: Discussion Session
Session: D7
Location: Wasatch A/Cliff Lodge - Level C
Date: Tuesday, July 28th, 2009
Time: 5:30 PM
Number: D7001
Abstract ID:584