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Nee, M. [1].

How many species of Solanum are in Bolivia?

About 185 species of Solanum (including Cyphomandra, excluding Lycianthes and Lycopersicon) are currently known from Bolivia. In the early 1700’s, Alcides d’Orbigny collected a few specimens of Solanum, later named by O. Sendtner in 1846 or M. F. Dunal in 1852. Georges Mandon collected in the northernmost Andes of Bolivia in the late 1850’s. Some of these specimens were described by Van Heurck and MĂĽller-Argoviensis and some by G. Bitter. A flush of activity occurred in the late 19th and early 20th centuries with H. H. Rusby’s expeditions and work of resident collectors Otto Buchtien and Miguel Bang. Many of these collections were described by the prolific Solanologist Georg Bitter. The next surge of activity began in 1939 with the potato collecting expedition of J. G. Hawkes. These collections and those of the Bolivian botanist/agronomist MartĂ­n Cárdenas resulted in endemic wild potato species being named through two decades. Otto Kuntze collected in 1892 and later named a few taxa; T. Herzog’s exploration, 1910—1912, resulted in a few taxa named by Bitter and others. After a lull, explosive growth of Bolivian botanical activity beginning in the 1980’s has resulted in new, mostly endemic, species of Solanum being described by modern specialists (M. Nee, L. Bohs, S. Knapp). Additional species of Solanum for Bolivia will come from two sources, continued exploration and accumulation of specimens. This will clarify complexes such as sect. Solanum and sect. Torva. Few new records are expected along Bolivia’s southern and eastern borders. The northern Amazonian region may provide an additional dozen new records. More new taxa and new records may be expected from the northern Andean region. The total number of Solanums in Bolivia is likely about 215, over 10% of the world’s Solanum flora.

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1 - New York Botanical Garden, Institute of Systematic Botany, 200Th Street & Southern Boulevard, Bronx, New York, 10458-5126, USA


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