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Bryological and Lichenological Section/ABLS

LeGrand, Lacey L. [1], Egan, Robert S. [2].

Macrolichens of the Big Thicket National Preserve, Texas.

The Big Thicket National Preserve protects an area of rich biodiversity located in the piney woods of southeast Texas. The federal government created the preserve in 1974 in an effort to protect the unique diversity of plant and animal life in this area. Plant communities include cypress swamps, acidic savannah wetlands, palmetto-hardwood flats, arid sandylands, and upland forests. Surveys of lichen diversity in the preserve began in the late 1970ís. The work is now continuing under grants from the Big Thicket Association and permits from the National Parks Service.
Some of the most commonly collected species include: Canoparmelia caroliniana, Hypotrachyna livida, Leptogium cyanescens and L.denticulatum, and several species of Parmotrema, including P. rampoddense, P. reticulatum, P. subisidiosum, P. ultralucens, and P. tinctorum. Rare taxa include: Bulbothrix laevigatula, Cladonia leporina, Coccocarpia erythroxyli, Dirinaria confusa, Heterodermia echinata, Parmelinopsis horrescens, Parmotrema cristiferum and P. sulphuratum, Physcia Americana and P. stellaris, Pseudocyphellaria aurata and Usnea baileyi. Corticolous species on hardwoods dominate the flora. A new Texas record, Bulbothrix isidiza (Nyl.) Hale, was collected last summer. Previously known from Florida, Louisiana, and North Carolina, this foliose lichen has bulbate marginal cilia, isidia, and produces salazinic acid in the medulla. It was collected on pine bark at the Roy E. Larson Sandyland Sanctuary in Hardin County.

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1 - University of Nebraska at Omaha, Biology, 2604 N 192nd Terrace Ct. , Apt 1A, Elkhorn, NE, 68022, USA
2 - University of Nebraska Omaha, Department of Biology, 114 Allwine Hall, Omaha, Nebraska, 68182-0040, USA

Big Thicket

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