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Brouillet, Luc [1].

Flora of North America project: progress report.

The Flora of North America (FNA), the first volume of which appeared in 1993, now provides classifications, descriptions, and distributions for 122 families, 1287 genera, and 8096 species native or naturalized in the continental U.S., Canada, Greenland, and St. Pierre and Miquelon. New board members and editors, recruited to the Association, have invigorated the project. The project has also been stimulated by new external funding. Reorganization of volumes for better congruence with the APG classification now has been completed, most volumes have been assigned to one of five lead centers, and all families have been assigned to taxon editors. Work done in recent years will yield another 34 families, 325 genera, and 2270 species in Volumes 8 (Ericaceae, Primulaceae, Saxifragaceae, and relatives), 7 (Brassicaceae, Salicaceae, and relatives), and 9 (Rosaceae, and relatives), all slated for publication in 2009. By the end of 2009, 17 of the 30 volumes in the series will be in print. Treatments of another 429 genera and 3116 species in 60 families have been submitted and are being processed. This includes Volumes 6 (Cucurbitaceae, Malvaceae, and relatives), 10-11 (Fabaceae, Onagraceae, etc.), and 28 (second volume of Bryophytes). All other volumes (12-18) are actively underway. Authors remain the crux of the FNA effort: their contribution is essential to the completion and success of the project. FNA is one of the only sources of online information for the 146 genera and 3688 species endemic to North America. It has become a fundamental resource for efforts such as the "Encyclopedia of Life" and USDA's PLANTS database. Through the efforts of the FNA information technology committee, we hope to make the Flora more widely accessible to users online (www.fna.org). [Co-authored with the FNA Board of Directors]

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1 - Université de Montréal, Institut de recherche en biologie végétale, 4101 rue Sherbrooke est, Montréal, Québec, H1X 2B2, Canada

Flora of North America
North America

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