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MSA - Cell and molecular biology/Physiology & Genetics

Thomas, Elizabeth  [1], Kropp, Bradley R. [2].

Suppression of salicylic acid-mediated plant defense responses during establishment of biotrophy by the rust pathogen of dyer's woad.

This study examined the kinetics and amplitude of the salicylic acid-responsive pathogenesis-related (PR) genes, PR-1, β-1, 3-glucanase, and ChiA in the compatible interaction between Puccinia thlaspeos and dyer’s woad (Isatis tinctoria)during the first 72 hours of the infection process. Following initial penetration of the host by the rust pathogen, there was a modest up-regulation of PR genes. During haustoria formation a significant pathogen-mediated suppression of PR genes was seen, which potentially facilitates haustoria formation by this obligate biotroph. After formation of haustoria, there was another more significant up-regulation of each of these genes that was followed by a second pathogen-induced suppression of defense responses. This final suppression of defense responses by the pathogen appeared to be sustained. Suppression of pathogen-induced defense responses during and after haustoria formation is postulated to be vital in the establishment of biotrophy in this system.

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1 - NC State University, Dept of Plant Pathology, Raleigh, NC, 27695, USA
2 - Utah Sate University, Biology Dept., 5305 Old Main Hill, Logan, UT, 84322, USA

dyer's woad
salicylic acid.

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Session: P2
Location: Event Tent/Cliff Lodge
Date: Tuesday, July 28th, 2009
Time: 5:30 PM
Number: P2CG004
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