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Monday, July 27th

Monday, July 27th, 8:00 am to 9:45 am · Cottonwood A/Snowbird Center
Session 8: Contributed Papers: Plant Ecophysiology
Presiding: Erik B Sudderth, University of California, Berkeley
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8001July 27th 8:00 amCottonwood A/Snowbird CenterThe effects of clouds and diffuse light on leaf-level photosynthetic gas exchange in two conifer tree species and two broadleaved shrubs
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Oral PaperReinhardt, Keith; Smith, William K..clouds
8002July 27th 8:15 amCottonwood A/Snowbird CenterSingle-vessel flow measurements indicate scalariform plates confer higher flow resistance than previously estimated
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Oral PaperChristman, Maggie A.; Sperry, John S..scalariform plate
hydraulic conductance
xylem structure and function
single vessel method
Water relations
8003July 27th 8:30 amCottonwood A/Snowbird CenterLeaf hydraulic conductance, measured in situ, declines and recovers daily: leaf hydraulics, water potential and stomatal conductance in four temperate and three tropical tree species
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Oral PaperJohnson, Daniel M.; Woodruff, David R. ; McCulloh, Katherine A.; Meinzer, Frederick C..cavitation
8004July 27th 8:45 amCottonwood A/Snowbird CenterSelection on water-use efficiency (WUE) in Ipomopsis aggregata - an analysis of the functional relationships among WUE, other ecological traits, and fitness
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Oral PaperKenney, Amanda, M.; Juenger, Thomas, E..Ipomopsis aggregata
water-use efficiency
8005July 27th 9:00 amCottonwood A/Snowbird CenterRadial water transport and sapwood use efficiency of two conifers from contrasting climate regimes in the Pacific Northwest
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Oral PaperBarnard, David ; Lachenbruch, Barbara; Meinzer, Frederick.ray tracheid
water transport
hydraulic architecture
hydraulic conductivity
functional plant anatomy
8006July 27th 9:15 amCottonwood A/Snowbird CenterComparing Thermal After-ripening Patterns for Seeds of Two Invasive Annual Brome Grasses
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Oral PaperAllen, Phil S.; Meyer, Susan E.; Merrill, Katherine T..cheatgrass
Bromus tectorum
red brome
Bromus rubens
seed germination
Seed dormancy
8007July 27th 9:30 amCottonwood A/Snowbird CenterResponses to global change: Soil type controls the impact of altered precipitation pattern on ecosystem function in Avena barbata grasslands
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Oral PaperSudderth, Erika A; St.Clair, Samuel B; Salve, Rohit; Fischer, Marc L; Kleber, Marcus; Sudderth, Erik B; Torn, Margaret S; Ackerly, David D..climate change
carbon flux
Avena barbata
gas exchange
Soil Moisture