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Monday, July 27th

Monday, July 27th, 10:15 am to 11:15 am · Alpine A/Snowbird Center
Session 15: Contributed Papers: Tropical Biology Section - Contributed Papers
Presiding: Suzanne Koptur, Florida International University
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15001July 27th 10:15 amAlpine A/Snowbird CenterPhylogeny and Floral Evolution of Heliconia section Heliconia
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Oral PaperLagomarsino, Laura P.; Kress, John; Gowda, Vinita; Temeles, Ethan J.; Specht, Chelsea.Heliconia
floral evolution
bird pollination
Caribbean biodiversity
15002July 27th 10:30 amAlpine A/Snowbird CenterA Tale of Two Catopsis: Trichomes in two epiphytic bromeliads of contrasting light environment and trophic ecology
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Oral PaperGonsiska, P. A.; Givnish, Thomas J..Catopsis
Chloroplast phylogeny
15003July 27th 10:45 amAlpine A/Snowbird CenterImportance of seed dispersal agents changes over succession in clear-cut strips in the Peruvian Amazon
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Oral PaperGorchov, David L.; Rondon, Xanic J.; Cornejo, Fernando.tropical forest
forest management
secondary succession
animal dispersal of seeds
15004July 27th 11:00 amAlpine A/Snowbird CenterChallenging the assumption of wind pollination in Coccothrinax argentata (Arecaceae): Preliminary observations and analyses
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Oral PaperKoptur, Suzanne; Khorsand Rosa, Roxaneh.Arecaceae
breeding system
pine rockland